Charming this Christmas with Lady Vintage

December 02 2015, 0 Comments


Christmas is one of the most wonderful times of the year, so much joy, love and giving going on around the world which is such a beautiful thing and in my opinion should be happening all year round.



The holiday season is also filled with an abundance of events including work Christmas parties, family gatherings and of course all the regular birthdays, engagement parties and weddings that are always going one.

So especially at this time of the year you need something that you look fabulous in and not only that, something that will make you feel amazing too.

I don't know how your family is but I know we have some relatives that we only see this one time of the year because we aren't that close, and even if you aren't doing amazing you atleast want to look like you are. And you know what they say 'Dress as the person that you want to be'.

We have gotten a couple of especially gorgeous dresses in from Lady Vintage just in time for this silly season and they and being made out of 97% cotton they are perfect for the summer months coming up because cotton is so soft and breathable. There is nothing worse than being stuck with all your family on a scorching hot day in an uncomfortable stuffy dress!



I would like to now introduce the 'Winter Floral Dress'
This is the class Tea Dress from Lady Vintage with a vintage rose and leaf print that is so alluring you will never want to wear another dress again.

The next dress is the 'Antique Rose Dress' again it is a classic Tea Dress from Lady Vintage which has a very earth set of colours with the hints of red and green popping out which create a striking affect that makes you want to keep staring at the pattern.


We are still waiting on some more amazing dresses to come in store before Christmas.

But until then check out what amazing vintage style dresses we have in store and Merry Christmas and enjoy all the Christmas cheer going around.

❤ Shorty

Free shipping for NewBreed Girl

August 10 2015, 0 Comments

I have some exciting news!

So it has been a while since we have changed anything in the store.
And we thought why not do something nice for our customers.

So as of today

we now are offering

on all NewBreed girl tops and singlets!

We decided that we don't want to charge you postage for such a small item.

And if you didn't already know all NewBreed Girl tops and singlets are made out of

So these tops are not only cute, they are comfy, breathable and made out of quality natural material!

Happy shopping!