Halloween is just around the corner

October 02 2013, 0 Comments

So I’m sure that you all know that Halloween is coming up.
It’s the time of year where everyone buys new clothes to go with the horror theme.
So why not check out a few of our horror themed items.

hell-bunny-i-heart-zombie-1 Hell Bunny – I Heart Zombies Dress
Dead Zombie Unicorns, Poison, Skulls with bows, Teddy Bears and it’s pink!
It’s the perfect girly horror dress!

horror front
Hell Bunny – B Horror Movie dress
Awesome horror movies all over this cute little mini

NewBreed Girl – I Really Like Zombies, OK! Singlet
If your not keen on a dress and standing out too much go for
a laid back comfy singlet with this cute little zombie.

Evil Clothing – Killer Panda – Dead Zombie dress
Taking your favourite cute animal and making it a cute zombie?
I absolutely love this piece

eyeball dress hell bunny
Hell Bunny – Eyeball Perry dress
There’s nothing like slimy eyeballs to do the trick

Hell Bunny – Gypsy Dress
Adorned with Dia de los meurtos (day of the dead) faces.

yogi mini dress front
Hell Bunny – Yogi Dress
With a Gorgeous dead Geisha wrapped in Octopus tentacles


Let me know what you think of these dresses.
Personally I love them all, if only I could keep them all.
But unfortunately I can only keep some if i’m lucky.