There are some changes happening in store

August 07 2014, 0 Comments

So for the first time I have made a huge sale.
Over 25 items are now heavily discounted and after they are sold we will not be getting any more back in!

To view sale items please click here -SALE-


And because we are clearing out stock that means we are getting some new items in store!
So far we only have two definite dresses from Lady London Vintage that we will be receiving in the next couple of weeks.

1. Mint Green Butterly Chiffon Tea Dress



2. Glamorous Black Lace Tea Dress 


Both these dress are from Lady Vintage's 2014 Tea Collection and the Chiffon Butterfly dress is a Limited Edition, so once it it is sold there is no way that I can order any more unfortunately.

You can preview both these dresses now on the links below.

Mint Green Butterfly Chiffon Dress


Glamorous Black Lace Tea Dress


I hope that you are all just as excited as I am for these dress!


Sending lots love and hugs to you all

Something to keep you Warm

June 10 2014, 0 Comments

I have realised I do not have alot of stock for the warmer weather so I am have decided to order in some jumpers and jackets and I thought I would post some of the stuff that I have ordered and have been looking at.
Both of these two are from Evil Clothing.


The Fatal Kiss Jacket

The Missa Coat

This gorgeous jumper and jacket are sure to keep you warm throughout the winter!

There will hopefully be more to come soon from Hell Bunny!
If there are any jackets or coats that you would like for us to get in we would love to hear from you.


We are now stocking Voodoo Vixen

February 16 2014, 0 Comments

It is always really exciting for me to come across brands that I really like and want to stock in shop.
So when I came across Voodoo Vixen the other day I immediately went to their website and registered for a wholesale account and within 24hrs was approved and after a couple of hours of decision making I decided on 4 dresses to order in and trial.
These are some gorgeous dresses that they make and I will be highly surprised if everyone does not love their items the way that I have fallen in love with them.
I hope that this brand even be as popular as the Hell Bunny dresses that I stock.
The dress that I have chosen from are 
Top left: Pink and Green Pencil Dress
Bottom left: Flowers Pencil Dress
Top right: Emerald Peacock Skater 
(this print comes in other designs but this was my favourite and depending on the response to this I may get it in some other styles)
Bottom Right: White Flower Dress 
( I saw this dress last minute and opted for it and it's cute sailor style over one of my other favourites).
I do get excited when dresses sell well, but for me it is not about the money it is about providing women of Australia with amazing dresses from overseas at a reasonable cost.

The excitement that we get from buying a new dress is absolutely the best for me and I love it when customers send me photos of them enjoying their purchases from my store.
If there is ever an item from any of the brands that I stock, or even new brands, that you would like me to get in please do not hesitate to ask I am more then open to new brands and items that everyone will love.
Warmest Regards to all

New Online Store Coming

February 15 2014, 0 Comments


Ok so from the beginning and starting my website I went with Volusion as my ecommerce website solution based on a friends recommendation and after a little bit of research it seemed to be the best with 100 products for about $30 a month.
I soon found out that these "100" products meant that every size on a product that I put up was also counted as a product and when having 3-5 sizes in each item that cut me down to about 25 items so I quickly ran out of space and have not been sure what to do about it and let my website run into the ground a little bit and my stock inventory would also randomly change with them and I got to the point where I needed to bite the bullet and make a change.

So about a year ago at a friends party I became friends with a guy who was running a webdesign company out of his garage, Black Nova Digital, and I decided in taking my leap of faith and spending a large amount of money on a proper web design and set up that I would go with him for the fact that I will be confident in the work that I am getting done and if I can invest in a friends small business I will, I know small businesses can be tricky at the best of times!

I have been working with them for the last month on different ideas for the website and it is now coming up into it's final stages and will be based in Shopify which will be alot cleaner and easier to manage and hopefully I can start getting alot more customers through my website, because lets face it the one that I have at the moment is terrible and people don't really take a second look at it.

Within the next month hopefully the new website will be up and running. And I just wanted to keep everyone up to date with what was happening with me and the shop of late.

Warmest Regards

New Stock Arriving from Hell Bunny

November 13 2013, 0 Comments

Hell Bunny

I am excited for all these new dresses that are on their way
The Horizon Dress
cannes black
Cannes 50's Dress in black
Dixie 50's Dress
Cannes 50's Dress
And the long petticoats that go perfectly with the 50's style dresses.
Long Black Petticoat
Long Red Petticoat
Hell Bunny is one of my favourite brands that I stock.
I have always loved their dresses from a young age but have never want to pay the large price tag that they carry in shops so I never owned alot of their stuff.
This is what created my passion to want to open an online shop with all these amazing brands at a more affordable price!

Halloween is just around the corner

October 02 2013, 0 Comments

So I’m sure that you all know that Halloween is coming up.
It’s the time of year where everyone buys new clothes to go with the horror theme.
So why not check out a few of our horror themed items.

hell-bunny-i-heart-zombie-1 Hell Bunny – I Heart Zombies Dress
Dead Zombie Unicorns, Poison, Skulls with bows, Teddy Bears and it’s pink!
It’s the perfect girly horror dress!

horror front
Hell Bunny – B Horror Movie dress
Awesome horror movies all over this cute little mini

NewBreed Girl – I Really Like Zombies, OK! Singlet
If your not keen on a dress and standing out too much go for
a laid back comfy singlet with this cute little zombie.

Evil Clothing – Killer Panda – Dead Zombie dress
Taking your favourite cute animal and making it a cute zombie?
I absolutely love this piece

eyeball dress hell bunny
Hell Bunny – Eyeball Perry dress
There’s nothing like slimy eyeballs to do the trick

Hell Bunny – Gypsy Dress
Adorned with Dia de los meurtos (day of the dead) faces.

yogi mini dress front
Hell Bunny – Yogi Dress
With a Gorgeous dead Geisha wrapped in Octopus tentacles


Let me know what you think of these dresses.
Personally I love them all, if only I could keep them all.
But unfortunately I can only keep some if i’m lucky.


October 01 2013, 0 Comments

I finally received the new stickers for my shop!
And also some new sticky notes :)



July 26 2013, 0 Comments

I Heart Zombies!

I heart zombie dress hell bunny pink

This gorgeous pink mini dress with zombie unicorns, girly skulls, stars and polka dots printed all over it is made out of cotton.

A black collar helps break up all the bright colours of this dress and the v shape front with the gathered skirt is so flattering on every figure.

The halter neck helps with a small boost of cleavage and shows off your shoulders and upper back, which personally helps make me feel a little sexy without showing off too much.

Perfect cross between grunge and girly in this dress. Show off a bit of your inner girl without compromising too much in this stunning dress!

Hell Bunny dresses not only have amazing prints but also have amazing designs that show off a woman’s figure.
Which is what makes me love them so much!

New deliveries are coming in

July 20 2013, 0 Comments

Today I got my first delivery from a new supplier

Hearts and Roses London

They have some absolutely gorgeous floral prints and the dresses come in all different lengths, now they are a little bit more expensive that what I normally stock but I promise you they are amazing quality and definately worth the extra bit of money.
Also I tried on a size 8/XS in one of the dresses and it was a little bit small so please be aware that the sizes run a little small!

photo (5)
For the moment I just got 3 different dresses with the above prints, all are incredibly gorgeous with a white base colour which gives them a really light feel and makes the colours really pop!

What do you think of these 3 prints & which is your favourite?
And are there any Heart and Roses dresses that would like me to stock?

New Sourpuss in our store now

July 15 2013, 0 Comments

Sourpuss items

New Items from Sourpuss!
These Beauties came in the mail today!

  • Black Thigh high Socks w/ Button decoration
  • Out of the Sea Dress Cream
  • Turqoise Thigh High Socks w/ Bow decoration
  • Sinking Ship Bella Dress Blue
  • Salty Dogs Dress Teal
  • Roxy Skull Cutout Tee Turqoise

    Can’t wait to put these up for everyone to enjoy!



July 09 2013, 0 Comments

New tops from NewBreed girl

alpaca shirt
Never Grow up tee

Atoms Lie tee

kittycone shirt

Kitticone tee


mermaid Tunic


June 26 2013, 0 Comments


I have to say
I am incredibly in love with this dress!

Pandas, Brains, Bubblegum?
Pink, Black & White
Fitted Bodice and flared skirt.
Such a flattering feminine style!

It is the cutest dress that I have received in an order for my store recently.

One of these is going to have to be mine :)


June 25 2013, 0 Comments

New Dress in Cupcake Cult Feline Dress

Today I recieved an order from Evil Clothing Including this gorgeous dress
The Brand is Cupcake Cult
The Style Feline Dress

The cutest catface on the top
Purple bows on the strap for decoration
With a flowing tulle skirt
To finish it all of a lovely satin ribbon to tie into a bow.
Simply Stunning!