10 Vintage Style Bridesmaids dresses

May 22 2017, 0 Comments

It is coming to that time of the year again!

Wedding Season!


And what comes along with this season for every bride?


That hard to decision of what to get yours bridesmaids to wear. Should I got for a traditional bridesmaids dress, should I purchase online or instore? What colour? Or should I choose floral print? What style of dress with suit my bridesmaids and should it be long or short?


The list of questions and decisions is endless, and for some Brides to be this can actually be the hardest decision of  their entire wedding!


But why? I hear you asking.


Well as much as any Bridesmaid of Maid of Honour will say to the Bride "Pick anything you want, even if it is a potato sack I will still wear it and love you"


But no bride wants that! All that every Bride wants is for her Bridesmaids to look amazing and feel amazing in her Bridesmaids dress and if you you have a Bride that has chosen to have a few different ladies as her Bridesmaids and they happen to be different sizes, body shapes or have different styles & colouring, this can become a never ending, tedious dilemma for any Bride-to-be.


These days almost anything goes for a Bridesmaids dress and lots of Brides are looking at alternative dresses for their Bridesmaids and are choosing vintage style Bridesmaids dresses which is creating a new fun feel to their wedding day and photos.


But this still does not make the choice any easier.


So without further adieu I have compiled a list of 10 of my favourite options for Unique and Vintage Style Bridesmaids dresses.


1. Unique Vintage 1950s Style Red Rita Halter Flare Dress - This dress has such a refreshing vintage style halter neck which if you ask me should be featured on a lot more dress, that beautiful cutout detail works well on ladies of all bust sizes.


2. Lady Vintage Sapphire Rose Tea Dress - The floral design on being navy & pink which are some of the most common pairing of colours for weddings make this beautiful vintage style tea dress perfect for a lovely shorter bridesmaids dress.


3. Unique Vintage 1940s Navy Floral Ashcroft Short Sleeve Swing Dress - This lovely soft flowing navy dress featuring a gorgeous wide peephole & capped sleeves are impossible not to feel comfortable in for a long day running around being a bridesmaid.


4. Voodoo Vixen Charlotte Dress - Did you ever want to incorporate your love for cats into your wedding subtly? Well here is the perfect way with this gorgeous vintage style maroon cat print dress with an elegant cross over design on the bust that no one could resist.


5. Hell Bunny Black Dahlia 50's Dress - For the cooler weather wedding this iconic 50's dress with wide collar & 3/4 sleeve will keep your Bridesmaids looking gorgeous and feeling unstoppable all day long.


6. Unique Vintage 1950s White & Pink Stripe Golightly Bow Swing Dress - This style suits every shape and size and will give you an extra cute touch with the bow across the chest.


7. Lady Vintage Twilight Lily Floral - This dress make a bold statement next to your wedding dress and isn't of detracting from the colour of your dress like some may think will actually make you stand out ever more again the beautiful deep purple in the background of this floral Bridesmaids dress.


8. Hell Bunny Pink Lacey 50s Dress Pink - As pink is always a popular colour for Bridesmaids to be wearing I could not go past this beautiful floral number with would be a play on the traditional style pink Bridesmaids dress, perfect length of this dress being just below the knee works for the bride that wants a dress that is not too long and not too short (It's just right!).


9. Hell Bunny Mia Dress - For a garden wedding this would make a stunning vintage tea dress with the striking red colour that would stand out beautifully against all the greenery and the beautiful lace colour that adds that touch of elegance, you bridesmaids will feel fun and flirty in this little dress.


10. Lady Vintage Antique Rose Tea Dress - Gold is a very popular colour for bridesmaids dresses too and the floral print on this dress is subtle and brings a beautiful edge to this dress with the standout red roses amongst the print.



Thank you for taking the time to take a look at some of my suggestions for alternative and vintage style Bridesmaids dresses and I hope that you find the perfect one for you and your Bridesmaids.



If you have any questions please email us at inshortsupply@live.com.au