About Us

My name is Shorty I am the owner of In Short Supply.

When I started In Short Supply I was a bit of a Goth and a big lover of brands like Hell Bunny and Sourpuss. These were some of the first brands that I ever sourced for my online store, in the last 7 years that I have had In Short Supply I have changed alot as a person and so has my style and no doubt my business was going to grow and change with me.

As a woman that loves vintage inspired fashion in Australia I realised that when I wanted to purchase clothes from some of my favourite brands I was mostly having to buy these items from overseas(or pay up to 3 times the amount here) and had to deal with things such as currency conversion, long postage times and extravagant postage costs for small items.

I saw this gap in the market and wanted to fill it for myself and everyone other woman that has ever felt the same way

I am sure that there are other people in AUSTRALIA that would much rather a quicker postage time and smaller postage cost. That is my mission to bring you all of these amazing brands in Australia for everyone to be able to enjoy.

Some of the brands that we currently stock including Lady London Vintage, Unique Vintage, Lindybop, Hell Bunny and Bonsai Kitten. If there are any brands that you would like me to stock or any particular products from brands that I already have please don't hesitate to contact me. 

Warmest regards